We offer a wide range of options to wrap up your vinyl in style.

Vinyl Record Jackets



This commonly used cover for vinyl records is a direct-to-board single record jacket for sizes 7” 10” and 12”.



Also called Double Gate Jacket, this style is designed to accommodate two 12” records and features one fold.



With six panels, this style allows for added jacket design creativity, fits two 12” vinyl records, and features two folds.


Fold Over

A cheaper alternative to the jacket, the Fold Over is printed on paper or board that is folded in half and used with a poly bag. Sizes available: 7” 10” and 12”.


Wide Spine

This version features a wider spine that can hold two 12-inch records in one larger pocket.


Old Style

These jackets are made the old fashioned way by gluing printed paper onto a board shell that has been premade in sizes 7” 10” and 12”.



Not seeing what you had in mind? Share your record jacket vision with us to create the ultimate cover.

Record Labels & Stickers


Center Label

Make your label the center of attention on your vinyl record with your custom design or use one of our templates. Great for small or large runs for 7”, 10”, and 12” records.



Promote your music with custom printed stickers that show off your music and talent with your stunning artwork or use one of our templates

Record Sleeves


Inner Sleeves

Inner sleeves protect your vinyl and can be printed with or without a window for a cohesive and creative look for your music packaging.


Cover Sleeves

Designed for use with 7” records, this paper sleeve will cover your vinyl and display your creative artwork.

Box Sets/Slipcases


Telescoping Boxes

Great for multi sets, these case-wrapped telescoping boxes hold 12” jackets and feature a lid and base that are the same depth.


Open-Ended Slipcases

This protective box is made of high-quality boxboard that features an open front to hold multiple LP albums or CD sets.

Inserts and Posters


Album Inserts

Use these popular single or multi-page inserts (10” or 12”) as promotional or lyrics sheets to be inserted with your vinyl to add value.


Fold Out Posters

Choose from standard poster sizes or go wild with something totally different to match your vision.

Special Printing Services

Boost sales of your albums, CD, and DVDs with custom printing and packaging options including premium papers, die cutting, window patching, foil stamping, unique and special coatings, embossing, laminating, gluing, numbering, Pantone inks, and more.